Corporate Profile

DORI ALIMENTOS is a Brazilian company, public non-listed since 2021.
Founded in 1967, DORI is one of the largest snack companies in Brazil. DORI’s snacks include peanuts, chocolates, gummies, hard and chewable candies, lollipops, among others.

The company has strong and nationally known own brands present throughout the national territory, such as Dori Amendoim, Pettiz Amendoim, Gomets, Deliket, and Dori Granulado, which occupy the first place in the snacks categories, according to Nielsen, Retail Index, and Cash&Carry.

The Company exports to more than 40 countries, from 2019 to 2021, on 5 continents, and its main markets are the United States, Canada, Chile, South Africa, and Uruguay.

Dori has a well-structured distribution system aimed at reaching more than 200 thousand points of sale, with 8 distribution centers in Brazil (located in the following cities: Marília, Fortaleza, São José dos Pinhais, Maceió, São Bernardo do Campo, Contagem, Marituba, and Nova Santa Rita), partner distributors, and with a robust commercial team composed of approx. 400 professionals and 314 sales promoters.

Headquartered in the city of Marília, Dori has more than 2,500 employees in 4 industrial units in Brazil (three in Marília – SP and one in Rolândia – PR).




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