Our performance is historically guided by ESG principles, transversal to our production process and decision-making. Thus, we adopt robust environmental, social, and corporate governance practices.

In 2021, we joined the Global Compact, an initiative of the United Nations, seeking greater alignment with the global sustainability plan and consolidating an integrated and structured medium and long-term strategy, conducted since 2020 by the Sustainability Committee. With this, we want to understand priorities, develop solutions and, above all, generate actions that ensure the plan to be a reference company in ESG.

Additionally, we also analyzed the business connections with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are the SDGs the company is contributing to:



Over the years, we have invested in the modernization of our manufacturing plants, enabling us to receive several internationally recognized quality certificates for our plants and processes, such as:

  • British Retail Consortium (BRC), which responds to the most competent body globally on food safety, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).
  • Supplier Quality Management System (SQMS);
  • Supplier Workplace Accountability (SWA);
  • Kosher, for food manufactured in accordance with Jewish food laws.
  • ABICAB Pro-Amendoim Certified Quality Seal, from the Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Chocolates, Amendoim e Balas, guaranteeing the quality of products derived from oilseed.


R&D and Innovation

We believe in our innovation bias, supported by the work of our R&D team, with deep technical knowledge and extensive market experience, and, therefore, capable of identifying and meeting new consumer trends.

To promote growth through new products and increase consumer satisfaction, we have a continuous process of research and development of new products and the renewal of our lines and partnerships with relevant international players.

We participate in relevant research programs, such as the NPOP-BIS, which consists of public-private partnerships in agile and collaborative environments, integrating R&D institutions, and boosting innovation ecosystems. The BIS Nucleus seeks to develop healthy ingredients and foods. In this context, our main lines of research include fibers and sweet proteins; special lipids; vegetable proteins; and phenolic extracts, functional foods aligned with the healthiest aspects of human nutrition.

Topics such as healthiness, nutrition, and consumer health are recurring agendas of our Research, Development, and Innovation Committee.

We produce healthy foods with less salt, sodium, and sugar and without chemical preservatives. We eliminated all frying processes in the peanut category – they are roasted.

Our R&D efforts are materialized in offering products in different categories with health and nutrition attributes.




In the social aspect, we act to promote community development. In addition to collecting taxes from our activity, which are transformed into resources for the municipality, we create and implement various social programs, such as the Vocational Training Program, in partnership with Senai, Senac, and Etec; we also support institutions and organizations that serve children and teenagers at risk; we articulate volunteer actions with social and community programs.

We have adopted the best practices in corporate governance, with a board composed of independent members (two of the seven members), committees for their assistance, in addition to other good practices such as the adoption of variable compensation (including bonuses and profit-sharing) by the performance of our units.

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